The Union of Slovak Clusters (UKS) was established in 2010 as a non-profit organisation. It is the only organisation representing clusters in Slovakia. Currently, UKS has 18 members (4 of them awarded with the European Cluster Management Excellence Label Bronze, 1 with Silver Label and 1 with Gold Label).

Vision: To create a suitable and competitive business environment through the close cooperation of regional government, academia and research with business in the area of innovation.


  • Promoting the creation and development of cluster policy in Slovakia.
  • Strengthening of research, product development, innovation and technology transfer.
  • Improving the quality of all education systems in the areas of interest of the member clusters.
  • Supporting the exchange of information at national as well as international level in the area of innovation.
  • Participating in international partnerships through projects in the area of education, research, development and transfer of know-how.


  • Danube Strategy
    • Member of the Steering Committee of Priority Area 8 of the Danube Strategy (Competitiveness and cluster development), participation in the working group “Clusters of Excellence”.
    • Member of the National Committee for Priority Area 7 of the Danube Strategy.
    • Signatory of the Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation in the field of the cluster organisation development and cluster policy support within the Danube Region countries (Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia).
  • Programming period 2014-2020
    • Member of the working group “Partnership for Cohesion Policy”.
    • Member of the Monitoring Committee for Operational programme Research and Innovation for 2014-2020.
    • Expert within the Standing Committee on Agricultural Research, strategic working group Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems (SCAR AKIS).


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